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The Newborn bunnys In My Yard

Have you ever had newborn baby’s in your yard… I’m guessing no

When my family and I were coming back from six flags I saw a mom bunny in our yard my brother scared it away. My dad noticed a hole in our backyard we came upon 1 little baby bunny then 2 then 3 then 4 then 5 and finally 6 we brang them inside right away.

My dad put them in a container with holes to breath and live in, we decided to take care of them in till the mom came back so that morning my mom went to the store. My mom got milk in a can and seeds. When she came back we also had carrots but my dad said no because they barely have teeth.

When the mom came back we let her feed them then take them back. For a month In till we went to Wisconsin this was the said part, edvice don’t let little kids touch bunnys,my little sister wanted to hold one of them. SHE DROPPED THE BUNNY……. it died then my brother did it then my other brother then my sister then my other sister, the last one died from no friends sad 😭. The other sad part was we barried them outside the hotel we were staying at.

P.S the cool part was I didn’t kill one of them! 😎

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    This is very funny.


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